Welcome to Raw & Unearthed

What is Raw&Unearthed?

Raw&Unearthed run Nature Play Sessions on the NSW Central Coast, up on the beautiful Kincumba Mountain Reserve.

We can also visit your Early Childhood Service to facilitate Nature Play Workshops for the Children or Educators.

But wait there’s more! We can also  come to your house to facilitate a Raw&UnearthedPARTY for your child.

Our Schedule for 2020 is:

We are currently non-operational due to COVID-19 but hope to see you all back in the bush soon!

Raw&Unearthed Enrolment Info:

Send your interest via our ‘contact us’ page to join our email list. Please note: current families in our Raw&UnearthedPLAY sessions are given priority to re-enrol and secure their spot. We then open enrolments to others on our email list to fill remaining spots.

Happy Playing,

Bec & Sarah