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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

Bec Carey

When my 11 year old daughter Tyger-May was given the task to write a speech on a topic of her choice, she announced that she knew exactly what she was going to talk about… Nature Play of course! Children really are influenced by the world that surrounds them, their home, their parents, their friends and their experiences.

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 With Tyger’s permission I have shared her speech below, it was too amazing to not share with the world. She was thrilled to have a special post on the blog and i am sure it wont be her last. It seems indeed that the apple doesn’t fall far when it comes to a love of nature, dancing in the rain and advocating for rights and a better way of life.

 Nature or  Devices – By Tyger-May

Have you ever thought of going out and exploring instead of sitting down on your devices? What are devices? Devices are Tv’s, xboxes, play-stations, ipads, iphones, ipods…….ieverythings! Well I certainly have thought about it, I always go out and build cubbies, carve sticks and go for a wander through the bush…not laze around on my devices all day!

My family loves going 4WDing, we see heaps of kangaroos, spiders and mostly dancing worms (you’re probably thinking what are dancing worms) Well there are such things, I’ll explain later.

My family also love going motorbike riding. When we go out bush my younger brother and sister always go for a swim in the giant muddy puddles pretending they’re finding crocodiles. Now that’s what I’m talking about, fun!

We also go for lots of bush walks, such as in the Watagans. It is so beautiful but really steep towards the end. The waterfall is AWESOME. We climb on the rocks and explore everywhere. Not on our devices! I believe that what I do, exploring nature, is much more fun that sitting down on a device playing games all day. Playing with nature is ten times more fun (in my opinion).

Even if you want to go on your devices, you should still play with nature more……

Like I said, you can build cubbies, tepees, and even climb heaps high in the trees if you really want too (yes, you might be afraid of heights but i am too). I still do climb trees, just not heaps high.

Now if you don’t want to play with nature you can always find other things to do like drawing, colouring, hand ball or read a book and more! Just don’t get too comfy with your devices, otherwise you wont get off them (trust me).

Why don’t we have a day not going on devices. What do you think? Most of you are probably thinking NO!! But I am thinking the opposite, YES!!

Did you know that my backyard is bush, with bush turkeys wandering around  and heaps of lizards, spiders and snakes?! I found out that we had snakes because a few weeks ago I saw a kookaburra catch a baby green tree snake in its beak one afternoon.

So do you love nature or not? Or prefer devices? Or are they equal? I don’t think they are equal NO WAY. I definitely love nature and not so much devices, so i’ll go with Option 1- Nature.

So I wonder when I am going 4WDing next because I might see some kangaroos, snakes and maybe dancing worms….otherwise known as LEECHES!

 I just love the honesty within her work. She has the ability to express her own opinion and ideas but additionally offers options and diversity in her suggestions. There is something for everyone out there, you just have to get outdoors and find it! Just don’t forget to pack the salt, you’ll need it for those pesky dancing worms.