School Holiday Sessions


School Holiday Sessions 

Are your children looking for a new adventure these school holidays? If they are, come along to  a Raw&Unearthed Session loaded with amazing opportunities and fun!

Our Raw & Unearthed play – school holiday session is for primary school aged children  (6-12 years old).


Time: 9:30am-1:30pm
Where: Kincumba Mountain Reserve

Additional Info: You are welcome to either stay with your child or drop them off and pick them up after the session at 1:30pm.

Spots Avail: Max 15 children per session

Cost: The session will cost $55 and full payment is required prior to the commencement of session. A 25% discount will apply to the second child ticket when siblings are attending together.

Session Outline:

Raw&UnearthedHOLIDAYS will be largely unstructured and child led play enabling children to really slow down and connect with each other and the world around them.

9:00 INTRODUCTION & CIRCLE TIME- The session begins as a circle time with our Raw&Unearthed acknowledgment to country. Our team will then facilitate a discussion outlining  intentions, safety and guidelines of  ‘Raw&UnearthedPLAY’.

9:15-11:00 Raw&UneathedPLAY- With access to the natural world and our large tool kit filled with hammers, saws, pocket knives, hand-drills and more, children will spend time to build on skills, develop ideas for play and be provided with time and opportunity to create, explore and discover. Additionally we will provide a bush crafting space with natural treasures, twine, clay, charcoal and additional supplies for the children to create with.

11:00-12:30 SEEK & DISCOVER BUSH WALK & BUSH EXPLORING- Raw&Unearthed ‘Seek&Discover’ cards will be used to venture along the track, deep into the bush to experience the magic that lies from every perspective. We will stop off  and spend time exploring, climbing on rocks and picnicing for lunch.

12:30-1:00 Raw&UnearthedPLAY- We will return to our set up home space where children can return to their favourite spaces, revisit tool play and spend time bush crafting.

Children will be encouraged to follow their curiosities ~ explore tools  ~ jump in puddles ~ ignite their imaginations ~ explore the native flora and fauna ~ develop resilience ~ make mud pies ~ face fears ~ build friendships ~ collaborate ~ forage for food ~ and develop understandings of the natural world. All whilst having fun and playing OUTSIDE!

*Please note times are approximate as we remain flexible to the children’s interests and desires on the day.