Kincumba Mountain- BABIES

“Raw&UnearthedBABIES is all about getting outdoors with your baby, in all weather. It is about connecting with other parents & taking time to slow it all down to just be. Over the term we hope to inspire you with the simplicity of nature time with babies & show you some play invitation ideas.”

Our current weekly play session for children under 18months at Kincumba Mtn on the Central Coast NSW are as follows:

MONDAYS 9:30-11:00

*Please note this session is for babies under 18months only*

Further details:

Enrolment is term based alongside the NSW School Terms. Our Raw&UnearthedBABIES sessions are usually 9 week Terms.

Cost: $12/session per child with full term fee payable on enrolment to secure your place

NB: We offer a 50% discount to enroling siblings eg twins

About Raw&Unearthed BABIES:

Our sessions are 100% child led unstructured outdoor all weather play!

Each week we set up our babies session in a slightly different location on the reserve to offer opportunity to explore the natural world through different terrains eg, under the vines or on a rocky platform. Over the term we will revisit each space to explore and build on experiences.

An open ended exploration play space is offered each week, such as mud, clay or charcoal art for a full sensory experience!

We provide unhurried, unscheduled time for the babies to investigate, explore and discover as they make sense not only of the world around them, but also of their own capabilities and strengths. Our youngest enrollee was just 7 weeks old when she started!

Exploring mud, rocks, grass, bush walking, and observing wildlife are just some of the many play ideas that may evolve during our sessions as the bubs absorb the wondrous world around them.

Raw&Unearthed PLAY is all about slowing down from our busy lives to reconnect with the natural world and each other. It is the perfect opportunity to ‘just be’.


“It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s early childhood Raw & Unearthed, the way it should be!”