About Us


Raw & Unearthed is a collaborative project of two Early Childhood Teachers on endless adventures calling the wild and dancing in the rain. In this fast paced world with dreams of simpler times, we reflect on our own childhood memories where our natural desires were fulfilled and there was time to just be. Beyond the gates of an early childhood setting there lies an abundance of opportunities for children to explore, investigate and discover. Children follow their rhythms and urges as they embark  on journeys filled with fun and rich learning. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s early childhood raw and unearthed, the way it should be.


Bec Carey

I am an Early Childhood Teacher who began my journey over ten years ago as a trainee in Early Childhood. I have worked as an Educational Leader within my early childhood community bringing my vision to life of children disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the wild world, running free with time to just be.

As a mother of three children who are born adventurers, they became my motivators to connect my two worlds and become an advocate for nature play and risky play within an Early Childhood setting. I had provided my own children with unhurried time to play and watched as they developed a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. I had seen the benefits of risky play, climbing trees, exploring fire and trusting them to recognise their own limits and to act upon their natural urges. This allowed me to reflect on practices within my workplace and Early Childhood Education. Overtime, with experience and practice came confidence to be true to myself and find my own philosophy. I developed trust in myself that I can not only excel in what I do but I can motivate and influence others to do the same.

Einstein himself quotes play to be the highest form of research…what a better playground to play than the wonderland of nature!


Sarah Hammersley

I am an Early Childhood Teacher who embarked on my teaching journey thirteen years ago. I was bright eyed and fresh from school – I’ve never looked back! I love the way children look at the world. Being able to share in their awe, wonder and the sparkle that oozes out of them as they build on their philosophy of life and make new discoveries of the world around them is nothing short of inspiring and magical. It is this magic that has always driven me in my work with children and their families.

I have always had an affinity with nature and draw upon my all-time favourite childhood memories of windswept hair, muddy toes and grass stained knees to influence the opportunities I provide for children. As an adult, I live on the east coast of NSW and will spend all summer long at the beach, on the sand, exploring rock pools and in the ocean.

I hope to inspire and motivate other early childhood educators out there to create change so that nature pedagogy becomes the norm. I am committed to play and enabling children to be the agents of their destiny. Getting back to basics. Learning in nature.