Lethal Rain

Bec Carey

Instead of going straight into a rant about the abundance of ‘so over the rain’ and ‘can’t do anything in this weather’ Facebook statuses I’ve seen over the past few weeks, I have decided to channel my emotions into positive inspiration… see I’m learning?! But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least apply some form of ‘Bec humour’ to the situation. I am my fathers daughter after all, you can blame him.

So it’s raining. You know that highly lethal stuff that falls from the sky and totally ruins your day? That horrible stuff that will literally make you melt if it so much as touches your skin. That liquid that is filled with germs, and if children play in it they WILL get sick. It’s terrible, terrible stuff.

I too used to fear rain. In fact, I dreaded it. Those mad rushes to the car weaving in and out of the drops. The handbag over the head  when you forgot an umbrella. The wet clothes, the soggy shoes and the dark moods that came with it. The ever long periods of inside play because, well see paragraph above.

Then one day something shifted inside. NB: It’s probably more likely that I got stuck outside in pouring rain and instead of running for my life or using the closest child as an umbrella, I decided to embrace it. I found my inner calm and went with it. It’s only water after all.

While being outdoors in rainy weather may be a new concept for some, I find it truly magical. A bush walk in the rain is one of my favourite things to do. It’s almost like being a part of something secret, forbidden and new. It brings a new found confidence and mystery to children’s play. They become one of the few who dare to venture out in the rain. It makes them feel big in an even bigger world. A world that is so busy, suddenly falls quiet. A path that has been walked 1000 times, all at once looks different.

A rainy bush walk is the perfect opportunity to completely ignite all your senses. Colours become brighter, textures come alive and the smell of fresh raindrops on leaves is unbeatable, you really get drawn in. The bush becomes animated with movement; flowing water, wind through the trees, sounds in the air and a mixture of murky and clear puddles appear, waiting to be jumped in.

There is the old saying that ‘you will catch a cold if you play in the rain’. Sure, cold weather can definitely make your nose flow but that doesn’t mean you are going to catch the flu. Viruses cause these illnesses and you are probably more likely to pick up these air borne beauties indoors.  However if you don’t believe my theory, (and why would you I am not a doctor), here’s some food for thought from my non-doctor self. How many people do you know who have been on a holiday to the snow and  have ‘caught a cold’ from playing outdoors?

Alfred Wainwright said:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Now, he seems like my kinda guy. You wouldn’t go to the beach on a hot summers day in a snow suit.  So of course dressing in suitable clothing in rainy weather will help you overcome any fears and make the experience more comfortable. It’s time to switch your Prada’s for some gumboots!





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