Raw & Unearthed Play

Raw & Unearthed play is real and authentic. Deep within something moves, shifts and unearths. Imagination is unleashed. A deep connection is made and the world slows down creating time to just be.

 The Raw & Unearthed Child is born. 


Thank you to Joey Corner Photography for capturing these beautiful moments.






2 thoughts on “Raw & Unearthed Play

    1. raw & unearthed Post author

      Hi Motria, so nice to connect with you! Truth be told I have been following your bush kinder adventures on Facebook for a little while now.

      It’s so wonderful to be able to share in other educators journeys into nature through social media.

      Bec and I aren’t involved with 8 shields or the Art of mentoring but are always keen to build relationships, network and collaborate with other educators. We’d love to invite you to share some of your stories through our blog. If this is something you’d be interested in please send us an email at: contact@rawandunearthed.com

      Happy playing,

      Sarah 🌾🍂🌿🍃🌻



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